Half of a pumpkin next to dry autumn leaves

How To Buy & Store Pumpkins For Cooking

Want to cook with fresh pumpkins at home?  Learn the anatomy of a pumpkin and how to buy & store pumpkins for eating and for decorating.  Plus, fantastic sweet and savory pumpkin recipes! This article was updated with new pictures and content on 10.19.2017.…

September 25, 2017
Close up image of four crab and artichoke stuffed zucchini on wax paper and wooden cutting board
Recipe for Practical Application

Crab and Artichoke Stuffed Zucchini

 These Crab and Artichoke Stuffed Zucchini make for an extremely versatile appetizer; just fancy enough to be great for a baby or bridal shower, but approachable and cheesy enough for tailgating!   This post was updated on 10.19.2017 with new photos and content. Some days…

September 19, 2017
Two strings of red currants and "1 hack for how to de-stem currants quickly" text
Tips of The Trade

How To De-Stem Currants Quickly + Helpful GIF

Make fast work of getting currants off their stems with this hack for how to de-stem currants quickly. Plus some extra tips and yummy recipes to try! I’m a huge lover of tart fruits, so fresh currants are one of my favorites! I’ll eat them…

July 18, 2017
Overhead image of ham and swiss au gratin on cutting board next to cut ham and russet potatoes
Recipe for Practical Application

Ham and Swiss Au Gratin

Ham and Swiss go together in more than just a tasty sandwich.  Showcase these flavors in this scrumptious Ham and Swiss Au Gratin; it’s great for brunch, Easter, Mother’s Day, or as a beautiful side dish at dinner! If you flip through the recipe section of…

June 15, 2017
half an artichoke stuffed with crab and grapefruit next to half a grapefruit
Recipe for Practical Application

Crab and Grapefruit Stuffed Avocado

This Crab and Grapefruit Stuffed Avocado is delightfully refreshing and filling. Eat it as a low-carb breakfast, fast lunch, appetizer, or salad at a cookout.  It’s extremely versatile! Skills & Techniques To really knock this Crab and Grapefruit Stuffed Avocado out of the park, master…

May 18, 2017
White pan of pesto primavera lasagna with cream sauce drizzled on top
Recipe for Practical Application

Pesto Primavera Lasagna | #SexyEats

If you’re looking for a lasagna that is light and packed with lots of delicious veggies, look no further!  This Pesto Primavera Lasagna is filled with spring veggies and amazing flavor that will be a quick favorite! This Pesto Primavera Lasagna mixes all of the quintessential spring…

February 16, 2017